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30XXFM Radio

Internet Radio from the Future

Battle of the Millenia: Pick your DJ

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Alice DJ

Welcome to the dual-broadcast internet radio station, 30XXFM, run out of Prettyboy-Yumi's apartment in Raleigh North Carolina.

Yumi has programmed two intelligent DJs to battle each other on the air-waves of 30XXFM for a millenia... who will win: only who is still standing after 1000 years...? It will be a fierce battle of thumping sound and club beats, becoming the zenith music-reality of all time: 30XX.

Alice DJ
My favorite DJ is:
Alice DJ DJR3

30XXFM-1 Alice DJ's Future Show

30XXFM-1 is run by Alice DJ who likes to play pop music and chill tunes; she is a really cool DJ and is very sociable; she plays at clubs in Shibuya, Toyko and is the center of every group of DJ friends she's met. She likes to play electronic, JRock, chillwave, hip-hop and American pop.

30XXFM-2 DJR3's Basement Show

30XXFM-2 is run by the mysterious DJR3 who plays jungle, hardstyle, gabber hits that you won't hear outside that weird basement show your cousin goes to every Friday night. DJR3 plays music that will excite you; in fact, it's rumored nobody has ever battled DJR3 and lived...

Who will be standing after 1000 years? We've only just begun to know...