What is RIPPLE?

Ripple is a plugin for the Eclipse Interactive Development Environment which facilitates remote pair programming.

What does that mean?

Pair programming is a programming practice where two people work on the same code at the same time. One of these people, the driver, does all of the actual typing of code. The second person, the navigator, observes the driver and tries to actively make suggestions and prevent possible mistakes. Traditionally, the driver and navigator can switch roles at any time.

Ripple allows two people to pair program without having to be in the same room. When two people use Ripple, one will be the driver and one will be the navigator. When the driver does anything from creating a class to typing code in the editor window to launching a newly created application, the same thing happens on the navigator's side. This type of communication is one-way, as the navigator's role is to observe, not to actually write code. Ripple also provides a chat window for two-way communication.

Installation Instructions