Aniket Dhuri

Computer Science Graduate Student at
North Carolina State University.(2015-2017)

Looking for internship opportunities for summer 2016


Technical Skills

Programming LanguagesJava, Python,C++, C
Scripting LanguageLinux Bash Shell scripting
Microsoft TechnologiesVisual Basic 6
Content Management SystemDrupal,Joomla,Wordpress
Web Technology and DevelopmentHTML5,CSS,XML, PHP,JSP, Macromedia Flash 8, Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.
Operating SystemLinux,Windows
Testing ToolsEarly Assessment and Sifting Tool (Nethawk EAST for Automated System Test), Mobile Message Tester Tool ( MMT )
Video Editors and Graphics softwareAdobe Photoshop 7, Adobe After Effects CS3.
Other ToolsWireshark,Valgrind,CVS Version Control,Git


College : North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina. GPA-3.78/4.0 College - K.J. Somaiya College Of Engineering, Vidyavihar, Mumbai 400 077,India. Percentage: 75.64 % (Passed with Distinction with Aggregate) College : G.N.Khalsa College, Matunga , Mumbai 400 019. Percentage: 85.17% School Don Bosco High School Matunga, Mumbai 400 019. Percentage: 90.61%

Work Experience

  • Won SPOT award for outstanding contribution and performance towards System Test for product deliveries to two important clients AT&T and T-Mobile USA.
  • Underwent specialized training on mOne Platform for IP Multimedia and Subsystem (IMS Telecom Domain).
  • Worked as a System Test Engineer for the product “SMS Aggregation Gateway” for customers AT&T and T-Mobile USA and “Short Message Service Centre” for T-Mobile USA.
  • Developed Automation scripts using EAST tool used for System Testing for SMPP, MAP, Diameter and LDAP protocols.
  • Developed bash Shell Scripts on Linux and Python Scripts for Automation Testing.
  • Functional testing using Mobile Message Tool for SMPP.
  • Contributed to creating Automation Suites for product deliverables which assisted in Regression Testing.
  • Worked in collaboration with other teams to ensure the Interoperability testing for SMS Aggregation Gateway and SMSC was success.
  • Provided support to the Operation teams to reproduce the customer issues in the lab and make sure the patches are integrated and tested.
  • Maintained a good rapport with the Development team to know their limitations along with ensuring continuous software patches are received and made sure bugs were resolved as soon as possible.


  • Awarded Sir Ratan Tata Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Third year Engineering (T.E) (2011 - 2012) and in Second Year Engineering (S.E) (2010 - 2011)..
  • Secured 2nd rank in Second and Third year Engineering (K.J.S.C.E.).
  • Won 1st prize in CSI vs. CSI event conducted at Renaissance 2011 for technical team.
  • Won 2nd prize in Prakalpa Project Competition 2011 (State level Project Competition) for the project “Event Management System” and 3rd prize in Prakalpa Project Competition 2012 on the theme Engineering for Physically Challenged (State level Project Competition) for the project “Helping touch: an Android Application”.

Co Curricular

  • Web Administrator of Computer Society of India- K.J.S.C.E. chapter for the year 2011-12.
    • Event Organizer for Top Coder at Tatva Convergence 2012.
    • Development of Online Treasure Hunt application using Macromedia Flash for Abhiyantriki (Technical festival) 2011 as well as Tatva convergence 2012.
  • General Secretary of Students’ Association of Science and Humanities (S.A.H.A.S) for the year 2010-11.
    • Event Head for Decrypto Quizzo at Abhiyantriki 2010.
  • Class Representative for Computer Department (2009-2013).

Project Section

Ongoing Projects
Course : Cloud Computing Technology
(Needs Proposal acceptance)
Skills Required – HPCC,Cloud Design,Cloud Implementation,VCL

Projects Completed
Course : Internet Protocol
The main objective of the project is to provide Quality of Service to multiple users of different classes. This is achieved by using multi priority queues for the different classes of users: classes are specified by looking up for source IP and source port addresses from the IP packet header entries in the OpenFlow Controller Database. Queue management is implemented using Adaptive RED for congestion avoidance at each multi priority queue. Segregation of incoming packets from input buffer to multi priority queues is achieved by using packet marking technique on every incoming packet at the edge router by entries stored in the OpenFlow Controller; thereby adding the entries into the edge router flow tables and facilitating packet forwarding inside the core network. The packets are scheduled to be relayed on to the output interface from the multi priority queues using the weighted round robin strategy.
Skills Learnt – Java,Floodlight,SDN(Software Defined Networking,OpenvSwitch)

Course : Database Management Concepts and Systems.
The SimpleDB Database System written by Prof.Edward Sciore (Computer Science Department, Boston College) using Java implemented the Buffer Manager using Simple replacement policy ( First Unpinned Buffer) and used an array to store the Buffer Manager Objects..After extensive analysis, modifications were made to use java Hash Map Data Structure for fast retrieval of the Buffer Space and LRU Policy was used as a replacement policy
Skills Learnt – Java,Multithreading in Java

Course : Database Management Concepts and Systems.
Database Design and analysis of the specifications put forth by the Library administration.The GUI is in development phase using Java Technology to connect to the normalized database schema designed and implemented in Oracle.
Skills Learnt – Java Swing,Oracle10g,JDBC

Touch and Accelerate allows users to connect to your Windows computer via the Internet from a mobile device having Google Android OS .It relinquishes control over the mouse, keyboard and can be used as a presentation controller, gaming control using the accelerometer sensor as well as direct file transfer.
Skills Learnt – Android , Java , XML

Won 3rd prize in Prakalpa Project Competition 2012 on the theme ‘Engineering for Physically Challenged’ for the project Helping touch: an Android Application. Concept Project for creating an android application which can help the differently abled person to allow access to a computer remotely at his/her disposal using an android phone.
Skills Learnt – Android , Java , XML

Won 2nd Prize in Prakalpa Project Competition 2011 for the Project Event Management System.Event managers for the college events can use this system to manage & organize event using less number of volunteers, less time and synchronized events. The Application uses Live CCTV feed to help to the authorized people track the event status. Also incorporation of VoIP feature allows free calling in the campus thereby helping in synchronization.
Skills Learnt - Web Development, HTTP Streaming, VoIP protocols.

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