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BioThat's me.


Anand is a Masters of Computer Engineering by education, fiddler by actions, and news-hungry at all times.

After finishing his initial schooling at The Indian High School Dubai, he moved to Sri Kumarans, Bangalore for high school. RVCE Bangalore was where he dived into the world of electronics and Semester 8 is where he found his true interest: Systems - in particular System software & Architecture.

After a brief stint at Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. he continued his education at North Carolina State University at Raleigh majoring in Computer Engineering. You can see what he's been upto lately using the News bar below or by following him on the Social network of your choosing.

A copy of his resume can be obtained by clicking here.

System Software

Operating systems form the heart of any consumer electronic device today. New times have brought up new points of focus. Power consumption & Energy are two such areas. Smartphones have driven a lot of research into this area. Anand was fortunate to work in this area during his internship at NVIDIA Tegra.

Another crucial area is that of multicore & parallel programming. Single threaded performance has long plateaued and multi-threaded programming, homogeneous and heterogeneous multicore research is what everyone hopes will be the vanguard for unleashing the next order of increase in performance. Anand was lucky again to get a taste of the challenges involved in distributed programming during his independent study involving optimizing Hadoop for PowerPC deployments.


Computer Architecture

To be updated soon.

Embedded Systems

To be updated soon.


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