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Over quota and cannot delete messages

This is a frequent problem for many users.  In order to fix this you must change a setting in Squirrelmail (  What is happening is when you delete things from your folders, they are moved to the trash folder by default.  This trash folder is still part of your imap quota.  When over quota, Squirrelmail cannot move messages.  So inorder to delete you must disable the trash folder.  Under options, select folder preferences.  Under special folder options and the trash drop-down menu, select "Do not use trash".  Without this trash folder though, messages will be permanently deleted.  Click submit and delete the message you no longer want until you are under quota.  Hope this solution helps!  Please let us know if this fixes your problem.

Pop users should be directed to switch to IMAP


Error= -1 while selecting a mailbox Drive: K Mailbox: [name]

We closed Mulberry, deleted the [name].mbi and [name].mbc files for that mailbox and it fixed it.


SMTP Queue

She got error = 0 message.  Her queue looked like a white space between the start and the next message.  It looked like there were 4 messages taking up the space But there was no message.  Trying to select the blank area where a message was deemed to be would result in error.  So I used wordpad to edit the .mbx file so there was a space between each message.  With this the messages showed up but did not send.  I left the smtp queue open with these rogue messages that do not send so she can see which ones need to be resent.  She will get me if there is a problem but I plan to check on her before leaving for lunch at least.



Posting another consultants shift

-unity% hdshifts -u userid

Only users with AFS cell == unity can use quota manager to increase their AFS space.  Eos requests go to systems.  Partitions are up to 2GB now.  All users can increase their IMAP and Novell space using the quota manager tool.  This is located at:’unirtyid


IP Assignments

We will get requests for IP assignments.  To assign an IP to a computer, we need the MAC address.  QIP is used to keep track of assigned IP addresses.  In order to get a users MAC address, in Windows, go to “Start -> Run” and type “cmd”.  This will bring up a command prompt.  At this prompt type “ipconfig –all”.  The MAC address is called the Physical Address of the network device. 



Remote Access:

Troubleshoot Remote Access

Remote Reset Dotfiles

Always run Xwin32 before the terminal programs Putty and Fsecure

Enable X-11 Tunneling



Wolfcall Hompage

Wolfcall Solutions

Mapping AFS path to J: failed:

(Windows-WNetAddConnection3:The local device name

is already in use.

From the error message you are recieving it looks like you have some other hardware on your computer that is using J: as its drive name.  Do you have more than one hard drive, a USB key, cd rewritable drive, or anything of that nature?  To work around this, when you run WolfCall, click on the "Options" button, and then the "Advanced" button.  Next goto the Misc tab.  In the middle you should see something that says "Home" and "Root" with some drive letters next to them.  These are the default letters that WolfCall uses to map your AFS homespace (Home) and the entire AFS (Root).  You can pick any letter you want, as long as they are not in use.  Once you've made your picks click "Apply Drive Mappings", and then login to WolfCall.  Let me know if this works out for you.

"subst K: /D" and "subst M: /D" (cause he likely has that with M: as well) and have him logout and log back in and see if it goes away.



Putty Homepage



Xwin32 Homepage



F-Secure Homepage



WinSCP Homepage



Rachel will try to update a website in contribute and it will tell her that she is already updating the webpage and so she cannot get in to update the website.  She tried rebooting to see if it would clear anything up but alas she still was being told that she was already editing the webpage.  She doesn't believe she is logged in anywhere else.  What could be causing this to happen?  There is a lock file. it will match [original file name].LCK.  For future reference, this can happen when machines get re-installed. It seems to be fairly common for contribute users to open pages for edit and forget to publish. Saving for later keeps the lock file in place. Also, if users can switch between multiple machines (which most admin users don't) there are likely to be problems unless all the contribute configuration and temp files travel with them from machine to machine.


EOS Lab:

EOS Lab Software Listing


Overquota and unable to login to *nix

Login to the windows machine clear out items off of K:/ Drive


Profile space exceeded

Verify that said files are deleted off the M:/ drive and C:/ drive in same space.  M copies profile to C and these files aren’t cleared when M is cleared.


Unable to create profile

Solution: Repair/replace .mozilla directory

In the terminal window, type in the following command:

mozilla -repair

Then try running mozilla.

If this fails, you will have to move a directory.  To do so, type the following in the terminal window:

ls -a

This command lets you see all the files in your AFS home directory.  In that list you should see a file call .mozilla.  In order to access this directory, type:

cd .mozilla

You should now be in the directory.  If you type ls, you'll see many files and directories, one called mozilla.  Staying in the directory mozilla, type:

mkdir mozillaOLD

You can use mozillaOLD or some other folder name that will hold meaning for you.  Then, in the terminal window type the following:

mv mozilla mozillaOLD

This should have moved the mozilla directory into the mozillaOLD directory.  After doing this, try opening mozilla (mozilla &).  You should hopefully get prompted a window which lists profiles.  If you select "manage profiles" on the bottom left of that window you should be able to create a profile for mozilla there.