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We, TRIQUETRA, are open minded towards all cultures and religion. Different views bring different opinions, and thats one of the reasons why we are so succesful. Looking at each other, coming from many cultures, nationalities and religions, and still be working together like a tight knit family. We are all "brothers and sisters" in way here, and its with this unity that makes us stronger. UnityTeamwork will always beat individuality. Always.


We, TRIQUETRA, are an elite group who wants to keep this clan strong. With that said, we have a somewhat strict code of conduct that makes us who we are today. This clan takes pride from its name, its success, its determination. Its only with positive attitude, dedication, pride and with a thirst to learn and get better that will help you to succeed. To be a leader. To set an example. THE example.

Here are the following (strict) rules applied in our clan; (not following these will get you evicted)