Eos Computing Environment

Eos Hardware Services

The Eos Hardware group supports the 551 Eos public lab workstations within the College of Engineering and this group does repairs when these workstations break down. We also perform hardware and software upgrades in the Eos labs with the three lab platforms. (301 Wolfprep Windows XP, 182 Realm Red Hat Linux, and 68 Realm Solaris)

We do not support the WolfPrep Windows XP intall outside of the Eos labs. All Eos Windows labs are currently Wolfprep Windows XP based. COE systems administrators who wish to learn more about ITD's Windows XP lab environment can check out http://microsys.unity.ncsu.edu/

The Red Hat Realm developers have documentation for NCSU systems administrators who wish to use web-kickstart to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/WS 4.0 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 client/server. Check out http://www.linux.ncsu.edu/ for more information on this subject. At this time all Red Hat Linux workstations in the Eos labs are based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 4.0.

Please send all lab hardware support calls to our help desk address: eoshelp@ncsu.edu

Other web sites of interest:
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User and System Administrator Documentation:
Removable Media in Eos Public Labs (Solaris / Linux) FAQ (OBSOLETE)
LPRng Printing with Realm Solaris / Linux
LPRng Printing with MacOS X
LPRng printing with Windows 95/98/ME
LPRng Printing with Windows NT4
LPRng Printing with Windows 2000
LPRng Printing with Windows XP
Installing a Sun workstation in the Eos labs
SunBlade 150 + Zip 250 modifications
Managing workstation / directory Access Control Lists with PTS
Linux AT at NCSU technical documentation, Red Hat 9 (OBSOLETE)
Link to blank timesheet form which is compatible with those generated by Xtimesheet 1.3 (Warning: this is an Adobe PDF file...)
Alternate link to blank timesheet form which is compatible with those generated by Xtimesheet 1.3 (Warning: this one is postscript...)
Labels for cleaned hard disks (Warning: this is an Adobe PDF file...)

Last modified September 28, 2003
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