I started learning HTML in 8th grade, and I spent three years on my high school's web development team learning CSS and server- side scripting with databases. I also created and maintained a few websites over the years.

Two years ago, I got a job at Engineous Software in Cary, where I've been making web applications that they use internally. I took CSC 342 last spring and continued the project into the fall as a CSC 499 (independent study). The goal was to create a site where elementary school students can register for classes, and (on a more complex note) administrators and other staff can look up the student's info quickly.


I have a firm understanding of what what a "proper" XHTML page looks like, how to program something to generate one, and even a bit about how Apache itself works (HTTP headers). I also love creating database layouts, because the first ones I made were awful and I learned from that.

Also, I'm not sure if this is really a strength, but as I program something, I make mental notes of vulnerabilities and potential problems in my code. So unless I don't have the time, I usually take care of these problems right away, rather than leaving them to be picked up and revisited during the testing phase.


My schedule, graphically
Class / Item Days of the Week Time
Gym MTW 8-9:30 AM
CSC 326 (duh) MW 11:45 - 12:35
CSC 333 MW 12:50 - 2:05
CSC 440 TH 11:05 - 12:20
Work T 1 - 5
Office Hours H 9 - 10AM
Work F 8 - 5


You can get in contact with me via e-mail (I'm usually really good about this): hjkelly AT the standard NCSU domain or via AIM: NCSUharrison