Our Mission

The mission of autoEYE is to drastically reduce the number of injuries and fatalities to children which occur as a result of school bus stop-arm violations. By providing a technological system which enforces criminal accountability through prosecution, we will curb the staggering volume of these violations in North Carolina. Unfortunately, no effective means of accountability exists at present. As a result, the frequency of violations has been increasing over the last 10 years.

data collected from ncbussafety.org

Through research, our team has established that there is a statewide need for a solution to this troubling and growing problem of accountability. At autoEYE we have designed a system which will efficiently and cost-effectively combat this issue. Currently we are in the process of fabricating our pilot-testable prototype which we hope to deploy into a real-world environment in the near future. Through a thorough statistical survey of our pilot test we will prove the viability of our device to effectively provide the evidence needed for criminal prosecution of stop-arm violations.

Motion Tracking Demo

Demo Video