Kevin Damm
Adjunct Faculty of Computer Science
North Carolina State University
email: ncsu NOSP@M

I've created this site with the intention of informing others, especially faculty members of universities, about my research interests, experience, and academic involvement. I hope it benefits you but if you have any questions that you don't find an answer for here, you can email me at the address found above (just replace the NOSP@M with an at symbol).

I am currently a Masters student at North Carolina State University with the eventual goal of becoming a Professor of Computer Science. I prefer theory to practice but recognize their codependence. My research interest is in Artificial Intelligence, especially Intelligent Computer-Assisted Instruction, but I find myself interested in a lot of topics.

I left NCSU after two years of study because I had already found a job in the game development industry. After much experience I reconsidered my departure from academia and decided to return to NCSU. With renewed motivation for the pursuit of knowledge, I found that I really enjoy research and also thoroughly enjoy the expression on a student's face when they "get it."

In the time since returning to NCSU I have also become involved in some of the campus organizations. The groups I'm most actively involved in are IAESTE (a group of many interesting people from all over the world) and NSF STARS (a very nascent group with incredible potential for Computer Science departments across the nation). Having these kinds of social outlets helps me maintain my sanity.