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Translation, Scanning, DVD / BD Rips

Sometimes I rip old kung-fu films or translate doujinshi to combat an ever-present ennui. You can contact [PrettyBoy] on either by e-mail (yumi@prettyboytellem.com) or otherwise on IRC. Don't worry, it's very casual!

Anyway, this is an index of everything I've ripped or translated:

DVD Rips

Flash Future Kung-Fu (1983)

From the director of Jackie Chan's CRIME STORY and THE BIG HIT, KIRK WONG, comes this gritty, futuristic martial arts action thriller! In the 21st century, machine has overtaken man and is threatening the existence of all mankind. For the humans, martial arts has become the only way of survival. They must now rely on their fighting skills to destroy the very evil that they have created. Featuring the now-classic boxing fight between a man and a real, live kangaroo, FLASH FUTURE KUNG FU is an imaginative sci-fi tale filled with raw, uncompromising kung fu!

This was a good film. There is no kangaroo fight

Doujinshi Translations

Translating doujinshi is hard because I am too. Sometimes I bounty hunt on e-hentai ( my forum profile ) but most of the time it's just for fun.

Schoolnight Sleepover

Download from: [ dbr.ee / E-hentai / Exhentai ]

It's not 18+ so don't get excited. However, it's very well-done and that's why I like it. Hanamaru sleeps at Yohane's house after they spend too long at the book store and miss the last bus.

Oshiete my Honey!

Download from: [ dbr.ee / E-hentai / Exhentai ]

Producer & Miki Hoshii! Honestly one of my favorites that I've done... everything works so well, such a sweet doujinshi.

Love Service

Download from: [ dbr.ee / E-hentai / Exhentai ]

A parody of Love Live featuring Minami Kotori dressed as her Akihabara alternate persona "Legendary Maid Minalisky" from Comiket 86.

Requiem for a Dream Saga2

Download from: [ dbr.ee / E-hentai / Exhentai ]

Yuru Yuri's Funami Yui and Toshinou Kyouko from Comiket 87.

Onii-san no Echii! Hentai!

Download from: [ dbr.ee / E-hentai / Exhentai ]

It's Aragaki Ayase from Ore no Imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai; more of Ayase's classic yandere aspects.

Mama no Hon

Download from: [ dbr.ee / E-hentai / Exhentai ]

This is an interesting combination of several mother figures from a few different works like Clannad, de capo ii, and Keroro Gunsou. I don't have any reservations about any of these series, but the art in this one is pretty remarkable.

Maid no Leon-kun

Download from: [ E-hentai / Exhentai ]

This is an original work featuring the tomgirl maid Leon-kun; this is the first doujinshi I ever translated (finished in the middle of March 2018) and so it marks the beginning of a peak of degeneracy in my history which shows no signs of ever correcting itself.