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I put a lot of time and love into my website; other such projects like [PrettyBoy] fan translation group,,, and many, many other things (not to mention being in an engineering career-path!) soak up my time as well.

If anything I've written (either in my diary or my software) or anything I've created (e.g. [PrettyBoy] fan T/L) has helped you please consider making a donation to show your support. I'd love to hear from you!

I accept donations via the following:


Consider mailing me after making a donation to tell me a little about yourself: it reminds me that people appreciate what I do and also gives me the opportunity to learn a little about you too.

[PrettyBoy] Commissions

[PrettyBoy] is a fan translation group I run; we translate anime, manga and doujin-shi from Japanese to English. We accept commissions for small translation jobs and generally split the commission among the team; the per-page pricing for a translation & typesetting job is below:

Satoshi (s)Bitcoin (BTC)Approx. USD
Simple5000 s0.00005 BTC0.17 USD
Complex15000 s0.00015 BTC0.52 USD

Pricing is generally weighed against the number of pages I need to touch; for instance if you want only part of a tanko-ban translated then I will not charge for more pages than I translate. Additionally SFX are extra because sound-effects are almost always a pain in the ass to re-draw.

If you want something translated just mail me first and I can quote you and we'll see if there's time to work on it. Hell, I might even do it for free if I really like it!

Server Costs

On top of everything, running these sites is not a trivial expense: here's a little tabluation of the servers' up-keep costs:

Monthly (USD)Annual (USD)
Domain NamesN/A$80
E-Mail RelayN/A$20
Dynamic DNSN/A$10

Keeping all these services on-line is not cheap; donating any amount is appreciated because it (in addition to being a confession of your love!) helps me to offset these server costs as well. Thank you!