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I put a lot of time and love into my website; other such projects like [PrettyBoy] fan translation group,,, and many, many other things (not to mention being in an engineering career-path!) soak up my time as well.

If anything I've written (either in my diary or my software) or anything I've created (e.g. [PrettyBoy] fan T/L) has helped you please consider making a donation to show your support. I'd love to hear from you!

I accept donations via the following:


Consider mailing me after making a donation to tell me a little about yourself: it reminds me that people appreciate what I do and also gives me the opportunity to learn a little about you too.

[PrettyBoy] Commissions

[PrettyBoy] is a fan translation group I run; we translate anime, manga and doujin-shi from Japanese to English. We accept commissions for small translation jobs and generally split the commission among the team; the per-page pricing for a translation & typesetting job is below:

Satoshi (s)Bitcoin (BTC)Approx. USD
Simple10000 s0.0001 BTC0.62 USD
Complex30000 s0.0003 BTC1.86 USD

Pricing is generally weighed against the number of pages I need to touch; generally there is also compensation added for logistics and packaging and other things. For instance if you want only part of a tanko-ban translated then I will not charge for more pages than I translate. Additionally SFX are extra because sound-effects are almost always a pain in the ass to re-draw.

If you want something translated just mail me first and I can quote you and we'll see if there's time to work on it. Hell, I might even do it for free if I really like it!

Projects and Moving Forward

Probably the most important thing about donations is that it signals to me which of my projects are most popular, most loved, most used, etc. I am fairly biased when it comes to deciding which of my projects I like the "best", so your donation helps remind me what other people like too!