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Hurricanes: they're a reality of living on the eastern seaboard. One blew threw the other day, Hurrican Dorian; as usual the models were all over the place: the NOAA map plotting the "cone of uncertainty" mopped almost the entire east coast with the multi-colored potential "paths", some predicting t...

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One Wild Last Friday Night in Berkeley

There's a few different flavors of Steel Reserve: the most elusive (and one I only just found today) is pineapple. The less-rare flavors are: Blue Razz, Black Razz, Watermelon, and Pink lemonade, among some other minor variations; while it's not the best / healthiest choice to drink a malt, I figure...

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Bottoms up and the Devil Laughs

I've drank my fair share of Monster energy; it's not always been the case that I've enjoyed the taste though.

From the outset I was opposed to it. I can remember the first time I ever had a Red Bull, and like a lot of interesting stories about my past it starts off with a Boy Scout event: I must've...

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Summer Shits Itself and Dies Again

Yesterday I grabbed lunch with my supervisor: Vietnamese coffee and phở noodles. The coffee was simply sweetened, condensed milk at the bottom of a glass of very bitter, very strong coffee. It brews on your table and drips out slowly from this metal apparatus sitting atop the glass. It comes out...

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Personal Branding and Fucking Around

Little known fact: my name's not actually Prettyboy Yumi (as cool as that would be); most Sysops prefer to keep themselves anonymous (or as anonymous as they want to be). I enjoy teasing my face a lot but the idea that any trivial algorithm which can recognize faces can associate pictures of the sam...

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So I (didn't) Play Melty Blood Today

Melty Blood is a game based on the lore of 月姫, the canon of which inspired the wonderfully complex Fate series. Melty Blood (simply Melty for short) is a dojin fighting-game co-developed by Type-Moon and French Bread and is known for being the deplorable alternative to good fighting games such as Te...

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Steady as He Goes

I've gotten sick recently. It started out as a little cough and gradually it worked its way into my head over the past few days, widening into a system-wide panic of coughing and fever and a headache to top it off. Not fun, especially given this is my first week of work at my Summer job.

Last weeke...

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