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Meditations on Ice Cream

Many modes exist for enjoying ice cream: as one of the most refreshing things to relax with on a Summer's day or even in the still of Winter, often one must consider all possible flavors, all possible toppings, all possible avenues of enjoyment through which we may explore ice cream. This article is...

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The Prime Time of Your Life

There's this guy across the way from my apartment: every time I walk into my living room he's there, drinking beer and sitting on the couch; he's generally watching TV or just surfing the net on his laptop. I stare at him a lot... I hope he doesn't think I'm weird.

I'm not sure how people do it; to...

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About Me

I'm Yumi, a full-time electrical engineering / computer engineering student in Raleigh, North Carolina, and this is my website . I enjoy interfacing with computers, the Internet, and electronics on a daily basis. Other than those things (which soak up a lot of my time) I also enj...

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Sometimes I rip old kung-fu films or translate doujinshi to combat an ever-present ennui. You can contact [PrettyBoy] either by e-mail at or otherwise on IRC . Don't worry, it's very casual!

My translation and typesetting is real labor of love!... and if you really love my...

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日本語で日記に書いているのが久しぶりなんてね。習った言葉とか文法とかを忘れない ようにまた日記に書いて決まったんだ。

今朝、最近仲間に入った友達と連絡予定に決まったので早く起きた。彼の家に寄って 学園の近いコーヒー屋で9時今後まで話したりしてしまった。その後でスーパーで (アメリカでもスーパーと言うものかな...)食事して行って美味しかった。



昨夜に深夜まで勉強していっても今日もワクワクしちゃってきた。 ま、まーリラックスできるように先輩と朝のコーヒーをしようかって思った...

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Just by looking at someone's handwriting you can tell what kind of person they are; although I write a lot in the diary I keep in my backpack (and I'm very careful about writing cleanly in there), that diary is on a delayed release schedule of twenty years so you won't see it anytime soon.


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My Anime List

Watching anime is fun! Since I was 18 I've kept track of the shows I've tried to make an effort to record what shows I've seen. I would use one of the several sites which allow users to track their favorite shows and compare with their friends how many hours of their life they've spent re-watching H...

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