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Generally it's infinitely easier to loll around on the ottoman all day on one's phone than it is to get up, get out and do something: the notion that it takes more energy to move than to not is something of a common law of physical objects.

But doing so, that is laying on one's stomach and gigglin...

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My first dream of the new year: nothing to do with egg-plants, hawks, or Mt. Fuji. Though it was quite interesting anyway so I'll relay it here for your enjoyment and for my record.

It took place between January 1st and 2nd. That's the typical day for 初夢 (though I've heard it had historicaly be...

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Sometimes I rip old kung-fu films or translate doujinshi to combat an ever-present ennui. You can contact [PrettyBoy] either by e-mail at or otherwise on IRC . Don't worry, it's very casual!

Anyway, this is an index of everything I've ripped or translated:

DVD Rips


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About Me

I'm Yumi, a full-time electrical engineering / computer engineering student in Raleigh, North Carolina, and this is my website . I enjoy interfacing with computers, the Internet, and electronics on a daily basis. Other than those things (which soak up a lot of my time) I also enj...

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Never forget the people who care for you: and I do mean the people who genuinely care for you as a person, as a friend, as something more. These people are really few and far between.

The contrast of this is: do not waste time on the people who do not care for you: the people who only seem to use y...

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