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Comfy in Jordans

I'm not sure what I had planned for today's dinner but it certainly wasn't eating a violently-gutted, fried yellowtail and throwing back Japanese import-beer with a guy I hardly knew before; but that's how it goes when you fail to make dinner plans: sometimes you're surprised.

Before this afternoon...

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Mind the Gap

I read porn on the train today; in the 6th car of a 10-car Richmond north-bound train there I sat, reading Monster Musume .

For the unfamiliar, Monster Musume (JP: モンスター娘のいる日常) is a harem manga, and a damn good one at that. It follows the life of normal Japanese student Kurusu Kimihito and his inte...

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Berkeley (That's Where I Stay)

A lot's happened in the past few days: I'm in Berkeley (that's where I stay!), California for the next few months.

When I got back from Germany and went upstairs to sleep in the (new!) server-room I found it nearly 98 Fahr.; the batteries in the AC controller had corroded so that, despite being pow...

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Largest Cuckoo Clock in the World, a Large Place

I saw the world's largest cuckoo clock today; it was big but otherwise unremarkable. It's situated right off B33 in the Black Forest of Germany; the clock is right next to the highway, meaning you hardly hear anything but the screeching engines of the passing trucks and cars when the cuckoo does its...

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Making Do with What you Have

There is a mindset prevalent among consumers which asserts that there is something deficient about our current resources. When surveying our situation we note (consciously or not) that something is lacking , something which did not seem important until we noticed it but having made note of such the...

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HP-50G and RPN

Reverse Polish Notation is a blessing. Unfortunately there are only a few calculators on the market which are able to perform calculation in RPN... historicaly there were number of models produced by HP for the consumer market which could be operated in RPN; such calculators have long since lost the...

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Woke up very early this morning feeling miserable; I've been in a bout of sickness or something since Wednesday. I should've skipped class, should've realized that I'd do better resting at home than taking the time to sit in a Verilog class I'm only going to feel dizzy throughout. That day I traced...

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