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Sometimes I rip old kung-fu films or translate doujinshi to combat an ever-present ennui. You can contact [PrettyBoy] either by e-mail at or otherwise on IRC . Don't worry, it's very casual!

My translation and typesetting is real labor of love!... and if you really love my...

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日本語で日記に書いているのが久しぶりなんてね。習った言葉とか文法とかを忘れない ようにまた日記に書いて決まったんだ。

今朝、最近仲間に入った友達と連絡予定に決まったので早く起きた。彼の家に寄って 学園の近いコーヒー屋で9時今後まで話したりしてしまった。その後でスーパーで (アメリカでもスーパーと言うものかな...)食事して行って美味しかった。



昨夜に深夜まで勉強していっても今日もワクワクしちゃってきた。 ま、まーリラックスできるように先輩と朝のコーヒーをしようかって思った...

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Just by looking at someone's handwriting you can tell what kind of person they are; although I write a lot in the diary I keep in my backpack (and I'm very careful about writing cleanly in there), that diary is on a delayed release schedule of twenty years so you won't see it anytime soon.


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My Anime List

Watching anime is fun! Since I was 18 I've kept track of the shows I've tried to make an effort to record what shows I've seen. I would use one of the several sites which allow users to track their favorite shows and compare with their friends how many hours of their life they've spent re-watching H...

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Setting up a Graphical Sudo Prompt on

If you've installed a Linux distro that requires a little set-up (or you've just tinkered around with your system a little) you'll have noticed that there's a file called /etc/sudoers . And there's probably only a few things that you're looking at in this file: who can sudo and when .

Gentle Introd...

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The Item you have Ordered is Out for Delivery

Recently I've ordered a package from the website that does pretty much everything and that I hate so so much becuase it represents everything I hate about convenience in a capitalist system which panders to lazy and un-motivated individuals, decreasing wholly the worth of our character and degrading...

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Nobody Can Think for You

Some days one simply needs time to think: out of the way of the normal hustle-bustle of day-to-day living, there are some times where one genuinely needs time alone .

I am sure that such feelings strike all men / women from time to time; when one feels so moved then one must absolutely obey that de...

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