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  • First it Stings, then it's Fine

    Category: Diary

    I washed my car today. The pollen this Spring is fucking atrocious and it had all accumulated in a thick layer over my E36. The wash today was much-needed.

    In the past I've taken my car to an automatic car wash, one of those ones with the flashing rainbow lights and the machine you drive up to that eats at least $7 and then does a piss-poor job at cleaning any amount of grime off. Today I settled on a hand-wash instead of the automatic one because (1) I can clean my car better myself and (2) it's only like $4 for 8 minutes of high-pressure soap and water. Also I get to clean the tires myself which is a massive benefit since those automatic ones can't clean tires well at all.

    Anyway it's ni...

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  • How I Manage Passwords via my Yubikey Necklace

    Category: Internet

    For some years I've used Pass , so branded "the standard Unix password manager", to store and retrieve my passwords for various tools I use and websites I sign up for. This was nice because pass is a password manager which integrates tightly with GPG on Linux boxes, which I use an awful lot, and password managers are inherently better than just using the same password over and over. After I started using pass but before I began using my Yubikey, my passwords were encrypted with an encryption key on my personal GPG keyring. This was, at the time, a marked improvement over memorizing 10 character passwords made of a random string of letters and symbols I generated via openssl and I greatly enj...

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  • How I Stream VR FPS Games

    Category: FAQ

    Often when I find myself playing a game in VR and I wish I could share the experience with friends.

    Whether that be through Twitch or via a Discord VOIP channel, I really want to show just how cool playing games in VR is. Plus, streaming to a Discord channel gives you the same experience Oculus intended with their phone app for streaming content to family members, just better and over the Internet. I almost always play PCVR games on my Quest using the Oculus Link, so this tutorial / walkthrough / FAQ will focus on how I set up OBS to capture, record and stream PCVR video and audio for first-person shooters. The walkthrough is transferable to many other games, but FPS games present a pain-po...

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  • Influential Albums

    Category: Music

    I started collecting music in 2013 as soon as I began lurking /mu/ . Before that time, my taste sat with only the most vanilla of all music, and tracing any of that is esthetically round-about. This listing follows my taste roughly chronologically:

    A 10x10 from when I was ~21

    Slint - Spiderland

    Slint's Spiderland is probably the first record that I listened to which really riveted me. I'm not sure if my first listen to this album was really depthy, or perhaps it showed itself at an important time of my life; either way, I was knocked to the floor in tears at the end of the album.

    Animal Collective - Spirit They're Gone Spirit They've Vanished

    A very early release from the formative a...

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  • Why IE6 Can Bite my Ass

    Category: Diary

    Blogs are a dying medium. Maybe they're already dead but hell, I'm going to keep writing in this form until I don't care to open my text editor anymore. I really, really enjoy reading other people's blogs too. Most of the time, however, I am ~15 years too late to write a response or e-mail the author so I quietly comment on their ideas and internalize their thoughts and follow hyperlinks, creating a web of bookmarks and webpages in my wake.

    Most of the time, also, I try to archive the site for later reading, especially if it is an older site, has not been updated recently, or otherwise may just disappear altogether when someone forgets to pay the bills or the site is simply forgotten about....

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  • My Steam Workshop

    Category: Games

    Recently I've sunk a lot of my free-time which would otherwise be spent writing actually useful software into writing add-ons for Garry's Mod. If you haven't played it before, GMod is essentially a physics simulator for the Source Engine which is highly extensible via hooks exposed to a dialect of Lua called GLua .

    It's possible to write add-ons to Garry's Mod in Lua and upload them alongside other fan contributions to the Valve Steam Workshop. Originally add-ons were hosted by Facepunch studios themselves but it's my understanding that this came to pass a few years ago. Much like Gamebanana, the Facepunch Studio forums used to be a rich place for discussion involving Facepunch Studio games...

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  • '97 BMW 318ti Adventures

    Category: Automotive

    This is a story about how I learned to stop hating on BMW.

    My 318ti atop NCSU's coliseum deck

    Coffee Shops

    I used to work at this coffee shop near my school during my last year of college. The pay was atrocious but I was pretty determined that while I worked there I would save up enough money to replace my aging 2001 Honda Accord. With 250,000 miles, all it takes is one snapped timing belt and I would be on the side of the road with an engine sporting newly-bent valves and a fuck-big headache. Although my Accord is extremely reliable and is still running after all these years, I decided that buying and maintaining a second car would be in my best interest.

    Unfortunately I neve...

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