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June 6, monday night

Returned that book on aesthetics shadows today and grabbed an introduction to Kant's Critique while I was there. I think the only other philosophers I have read are █████████ and ████████████ and some dialectics of █████ though てつがくぶ has primed me if I ever decide to read ████████/█████/████/███████, the last is very popular here because a professor here specializes in his philosophy.

I tried to write in a different pen today during my math class but the ink did not flow as dark or thick as this does. I think the rollerball is what does it for me, and my japanese hand looks very circumspect in it. Getting to sleep later and later because I've tacked on more kanji and school demands a little more on different days, but that's fine even though I won't budge my schedule in the morning.

If you were to compare my work ethic now with mine of last summer, I'm unsure what you would find. However, I have worked harder at it than ever. I think I was still grasping at hiragana a year ago, and I took the better part of the summer to memorize it; the speed frustrated me and I took dilettanteism to spend my latent potential. Now, I only wish that schoolwork would stop badgering me, so I could keep at my self-study.


Some tropical storm or something. Yesterday the rain had me holed up inside a McDonalds eating an ice cream sundae because I went out without checking the forecast. Mr. ██████ got the housing situation straight, and since my grades are looking fine this semester it seems ████ and I are rooming in 504 Metcalf next semester. Hopefully we can make the room feel cozier and more homely than mine last semester. To the freshmen in my suite I hobe that I can be a good role model and a notable influence in a good direction on their character.

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