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Fundamentally Uninterested

I've betrayed my ennui here more than once in recent memory. The situation has not changed much; I've just gotten worse at pretending to care.

It's unfortunate that I've let it linger for so long. I really could've done much more with my disinterested-time, had I taken care of this sooner than I am now taking care of it.

I went to the grocery store today. Among other things I grabbed a bottle of kefir. As a fermented milk it's really good for my stomach; there's always a bottle in my refrigerator, but this is only a habit I've picked up in the past month or two. I like also that it has a healthy amount of protein which supplements the muscles I tear while exercising. I've found myself in the gym more often than running outside, as there is a very pleasant one within walking distance. I found there that after a little work I'm now able to do ten unassisted pull-ups in a row. It may not sound impressive if you've never tried but pulling your body-weight up to a bar with only your arms and back is not an easy task.

My fiancé thinks kefir tastes weird. That's okay; I like it at least.


After missing out last year because the exam was cancelled, I am finally signed up to take the N2 exam in December in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta is a special city for me. Likely I will fly there. There were only 32 seats for the N2 exam and they disappeared quickly, within the hour; I'm glad I've got my spot, because otherwise I would have to wait another year, December 2022, for the next. So much can happen in a year. I guess I did not give years merit for having the capacity to be incredibly boring as well, because you can also choose to whittle your life away doing fundamentally uninteresting stuff. In this sense, years can be short too.

In cooking-related news, when I went to the supermarket today I got a massive filet of sockeye salmon. We basted it with a bit of dill mixed in with toasted butter. It was very, very good. My herb garden provides many of the fresh leaves I use, though the dill has not fared very well, so I bought that today as well. I'm taking care of 3 basil plants, a small rosemary bush, curled parsley and a bit of mint.

Cooking is one of the small things that cheers me up. Here's another small thing that made me smile this week:

Yours truly (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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