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Hi friends; these are all modules or wallpapers for KLWP Kustom Live Wallpaper. If you want to use these but have no experience with KLWP, check out Jagwar's KLWP tutorial

To install the .klwp themes, simply move them into you Kustom's wallpapers/ folder. .komp components should go into the komponents/ folder.

NGE Minimal .klwp

Download from: [ Direct ]

Playful little theme using a vector of Shinji & Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion.


Watanabe You .klwp

Download from: [ Direct ]

It's my favorite idol on my favorite program! This file includes some neat metrics like CPU & Memory usage, as well as wireless connectivity as you can see in the screenshot!

Watanabe You KLWP

Funami Yui .klwp

Download from: [ Direct ]

The RSS feed in this build stands out. I was able to use the vector of Funami Yui since her name bounces around when you swipe the screen left or right. It looks really cool since it passes right behind her!

Funami Yui KLWP

Yuyushiki .klwp

Download from: [ Direct ]

One of my first themes. Each of the three circles is a drawer you can open and fill with icons! You can have up to 51 icons across all 3 screens, wow!

Yuyushiki KLWP

Battery Graph .komp

Download from: [ Direct ]

Graphs the battery charge over the past 4 hours. Tweakable thresholds and colors for "Full", "Low", and "Dangerously Low" levels! You can also specify bar width, as well as the full graph width and height. Bars are scaled according to the tallest item, so there's no need to worry about the element ever varying its height above the maximum.

Battery Graph Komp

Tabbed Drawer .komp

Download from: [ Direct ]

A customizable drawer with three clickable tabs of information, components, or anything else you want!

Tabbed Drawer Komp

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