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The Prime Time of Your Life

There's this guy across the way from my apartment: every time I walk into my living room he's there, drinking beer and sitting on the couch; he's generally watching TV or just surfing the net on his laptop. I stare at him a lot... I hope he doesn't think I'm weird.

I'm not sure how people do it; to toss one's time away like that is so disrespectful to yourself, but I know too many people who whittle their time into oblivion to write it off as a unique quirk of the guy who lives across the way.

I need every waking second to live; what does it say about you when you toss away your time like that?

Explore your own Taste

Music, literature, pornography, food. It doesn't matter: just do it, if not only yourself then do it for me. By exploring those areas of yourself with which you may not be entirely comfortable with you can have a lot of fun while at the same time becoming a more well-rounded, open-minded young man.

Since January I've met up every Tuesday with the same four other people; By the time we graduate (this coming Winter) we're tasked with designing, prototyping, and deploying a device for our coroporate sponsor. I cannot say much about our project in particular (under contract) but I can tell you that it will take the full commitment of all five of us to push this device out; even though we are all electrical / computer engineers by trade we all have our own specializations: someone is good with motors, someone is good with microcontrollers, someone is good with computer vision systems... so on for all of us.

When we work, we work effectively: designating tasks, reviewing progress, and setting goals. I didn't realize how much I enjoy leading a team like that until I made myself do it...

That's the sort of thing I am missing with my personal projects: since I began writing software some number of years ago nobody I approached seemed interested in working together... there are countless well-documented ideas, dreams, designs in my personal notebook that I would love to make a reality but... something domineers me every day: every day it's time.


Cooking, cleaning, homework, classwork, exercise. All of the typical things I love do so get in the way of my more exciting adventures so often. But what we define as exciting may differ. Instead of sleeping-in one should rather brew coffee and scribble in a diary. Instead of talking with the boring everyday cast of characters one should rather make time for the people who really make a difference in one's life and with the people one can make a difference with too. Instead of watching TV or browsing the Internet or caring about Politic one could spend their time better doing pretty much anything else.

Learn to make that distinction between good and bad taste and then stop listening to me entirely.

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