Greetings from scenic,

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Hi friend; I worked myself into a remarkable depression today. Maybe it's been a long time coming. It used to happen a lot when I was younger but I really didn't expect that I'd be all of twenty-one and misty-eyed blown-back like this. Not sure why it's really touched me today; just very emotional and soft.

Do you ever feel like closeness is so far away? I rarely confide in anyone about these things; even now it feels so odd to tell you, friend.

I was able to calm myself down earlier by walking through some solutions; that helps in most cases but I couldn't seem to completely kill that feeling. Still, it's lingering; this paper serves to never let me forget these young feelings (I believe that's why I started writing anyway) but there are some things I am glad to have forgotten. It seems no progress would be made without forgetting what has hung me up in the past.

No matter what the impetus for ealier is, I'm much calmer now. At the very least, I'm not down forever.

It's snowing today; white little sadness. I love you.

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