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march 19

For archival purposes and largely for fun, I'll tell you what I'm listening to right now, like I had intentionally done when I started this diary. It's far too often that people neglect to look at those things that influence you when they assess you.

Mat Zo - Lucid Dreams

I've also been listening to a lot of k?d and some remixes.

Posted the liveboard yesterday, but of course it was not all my work! I was wiring a circuit for ECE 212 so I only got to work on the apache redirect part of it. It's quite a feat to host more than one website on the same box, but the trick is that I use apache's mod_proxy to forward one URL to one port, because the liveboard opens its own port. . . how selfish!

I'll be posting somewhere I upload a bunch of screenshots of my desktop soon as well.

Anyway if you want to talk to me personally I seem to post on there pretty often, so that's the best way to contact me. If you can't already identify me by my ear, here's what I look like!

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