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Early Saturday morning, June 6

Today I have ventured a bit farther into japanese music, collecting a bit more jazz (Kiyoshi Sugimoto Quintet) and punk (Mariko goto, frontwoman of the now-disolved band midori, みどり)

for this affection for this culture, the new and exciting world, and escape from the dull Anglo-Saxon way. . .



I've also added several folders to my collection of pictures, though it may sound plithy. Truly though I feel I should do more in these empty days between high school and college, the break is welcomed and well-deserved. My extracurricular sudies must not wane while I attend my college classes. A slip in this respect may be called laziness, and is indicitive of imminent idleness. Now I have no obligations to play music, but I wish to, as sport, play the saxophone. Though wind spots are competitive, and string spots are not, I still want to play the tenor and only pursue the upright bass later; a bass is very expensive and I will not burden my parents even more.


(fluffy fluffy)

I have a firm understanding of the kana I have learned and, tomorrow, will begin the next set, when I am not as lethargic. To lead an ambitious yet fruitless life is against my wishes; to cement this desire I will work towards these ambitions.


(Origin of the sun)

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