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About Me

I'm Yumi, a software engineer in Raleigh, North Carolina, and this is my (second) personal website I enjoy interfacing with computers, the Internet, and electronics on a daily basis. Other than those things (which soak up a lot of my time) I also enjoy listening to and creating music, reading books from all periods of history, exploring fashion by expressing my taste in clothing and watching anime, both contemporary and older shows. All of these hobbies I have found to be very meaningful to who I am.

I use this website to express my ideas and understandings of the world: I'll often write some things like:

By hosting this site I hope that I can provide you with interesting and engaging content while exposing my person, my ideas, and my understanding to you in a way which is true to my own nature.

Around the Web

Despite being available at my e-mail address (my e-mail is hooked in to my mobile phone so I'm fairly quick to reply) I'm also available around on these websites:

Getting to know me

The best way to get to know me is to read through some of my writing; subscribe to the RSS feed while you're at it to see what I'm thinking of at the moment.

Below are a few articles I've picked out of my writing which best exemplify my personality:

If you're more curious about my writing style these articles are exemplary:

Finally, just to keep on-top of things I practice my Japanese on-line as well. These articles are probably the least polished areas of my site but if you notice any mistakes please do not hesistate to correct me: I always appreciate the opportunity to learn.

I generally do not bother correcting mistakes on really old diary-like entries (it's an artifact to have the mistakes in anyway) but newer things should definitely be brought to my attention.

These are a few of my exemplary pages written in Japanese:

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