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Character Archetypes

It's a natural disposition to put people in boxes; even having only said "hi", we're inclined to make certain assumptions about someone's character, behavior, and general humanity. That's not a bad thing; it's useful for keeping us out of trouble and for finding fellow feeling in an incomprehensibly complex world.

I'm guilty of such generalizations too; and even sometimes I don't think hard about it. It's unfriendly to carry such assumptions around, I know, so I'm working to look people in the eye and understand just what does daily life mean in the context of living across years.

I'm working to pull myself out of that echo-hole which so many socially anxious people do not rescue themselves from; it jades after a while, souring one's humanity into lonely laughter and a feeling of being an individual, the sole main character among NPCs. Such is the state of the NEET, the author of so much of his own misunderstanding.

The solution, should you find yourself in a position of being boxed up and squared away and having your personality, character, dreams, passions to be considered a solved game, is to tell them how you feel; wear your heart on your sleeve, as they say, because there is nothing so compromising as that. You're too often wrapped up in that labyrinth of irony and illusion, loud voices and quick ajudication masking some insecurity of character about who you are, a person whose whose boyish neck is pulled tight by emotions truer than those illusions.

Never let your feelings stay deep inside you.

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