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March 20, Sunday

Although today is the first day of spring it still is cold and cloudy. The past week has been warm and seasonal, and it only turned yesterday when the clouds and light rain rolled in.

I've been doing well, if you were wondering; my roomate still sinks all his time into the internet. Next semester I will have a new roomate who along with other guys in gold I've been hanging out with for what feels to be a long time.

With the golden boys I've been going to the boxcar arcade in downtown Raleigh. I linger mostly around the Dance Dance Revolution machine while ████ hangs around the Initial D cabinet. DDR is an entertaining rhythym game with subtle appeal, and I hope I mayplay it some more.

The buds of the dogwood and red bud trees are saturated deeply today, and I feel this is the deepest red they will have this season. Outside maybe half a mile away a new church is being put up. The most prominent feature of it is the copper dome, which reflects the sun's shine directly at my face during the day. But now it's reflecting nothing.

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