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Early monday morning, June 1 2015

I've found an excellent way to practice the kana, so now I have no doubt that I will learn fast and with dilligence. Its esthetic is clean and is very simple to navigate when one must.

Last night I played a solid game of Axis and Allies with [some friends]. The game took a secondary position to the conversation which drifted from college to politics and █████'s status as a deity. Tomorrow, or rather today, we venture to Greensboro for wings and gallantry.

I feel that in college many like-minded people may not readily make themselves apparent; as an engineering college, ███████████████████ does not attract lovers of literature and philosophy. Verily, I will need the assistance of the school clubs to endeavour in this. I have not the slightest clue how the Buddhist philisophy club, the Linux users group, or the philosophy club will influence me but I have no doubt they will.

The anime club, however, irks me and I do not know why. To form a polarized opinion on a matter and never question it is typical of temperamental youth, and in pursuing my predisposition I hope to learn more and enlighten myself on the matter. Perhaps I do not like the anime club simply because. . .

. . . too far into Japanese/otaku culture; I may lose myself in its maze of pleasres, unaware of the failing stuff.

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