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History of was first negotiated August 2016 when I had nothing to do and decided to run a server from the research-grade connection at my university. The domain is one of the few free decent domains which you can sublease for free using

Originally running a Hentai@Home node (which is like SETI@Home for less than reputable things, a web server was quickly added to the mix to run a 12-hour file hosting service. Generally this was only used by me and 2 other people.

After it was realized what a big mistake had been made by running a website, an even bigger mistake was made by running a Counterstrike: Source server. Generally, this was played on by no more than zero people despite how much effort was put in to the development of the server's internals. This was my first lesson to not regard the popularity of a service as a marker of its worthiness because the CS:S server is (to date) my second favorite thing I've made. Aimbots ruined the server and it was ultimately shut down a month after it was started.

While this was happening Bakesta had been running an OpenVPN on the same network as a budding and he readily handed out SSL authentication tokens to whoever could maintain more than a 5-minute conversation about Initial D or NGE.

The reason for the VPN was that Bakesta has the biggest fucking rips of NGE on this side of the world and to share them it was required to hand out OpenVPN keys. This was generally agreed to be a bad idea and so a solution was thought of and written by me.

In February 2017, Big Mike's Fancy File Distributor is launched on and it's thought to be the best thing since sliced bread. It was my first of many adventures in writing PHP and the source base still suffers from the bad tricks I used to get things working.

In March 2017 I unplug the computer and take it to the beach because the internet connection was shite and LAN would be much faster to stream anime; this marks the second of many instances where I over-react to a problem.

In May 2017 I break the user database and deny service to about 5 or 6 different users while I re-install the operating system. I take far longer than it normaly would have because I am both studying for finals and crying on the floor next to a Lenovo Thinkcentre. Through some mixture of adrenaline and hope I do not flunk out of school and live to see another day.

That Summer I write hooYa! (previously named Big Mike's Fancy File Tagger) which is one of many pieces of software which are only useful to me. hooYa! solves a long-running problem for me of having an unsorted folder of cute girls.

In August 2017 and after one year of operation, is forfeit in favor of and nobody ever missed the old domain.

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