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The Item you have Ordered is Out for Delivery

Recently I've ordered a package from the website that does pretty much everything and that I hate so so much becuase it represents everything I hate about convenience in a capitalist system which panders to lazy and un-motivated individuals, decreasing wholly the worth of our character and degrading our taste.

But it is pleasant that I am time-to-time allowed the enjoyment of waiting on a package in the mail from

Time flows slower for the government; they want all their paperwork to be actually paper-work; they want signatures on everything; even a simple inquiry could take months or years to resolve. They want your permanent address to be actually permanent for 40 or 50 years.

Many systems which the government has put into place are old, seemingly archaic things which make no sense for those of us who are living for today. The US postal service is my favorite of these archaisms.

It's remarkable that anything gets correctly delivered at all considering how much volume the postal service handles every day. Especially considering how often people move from apartment to apartment, house to house (especially us young people with no real anchoring) I am surprised that my bills are ever delivered correctly every month.

There is not much opportunity for larger packages, however, to be dropped off at my apartment. Typcially the mail-man or mail-woman drops the package at my door. This is a little upsetting because:

  1. Anyone may pick it up in my stead.
  2. Anyone in my flat may pick it up in my stead.

I would not get such a rise out the former; but boy would I find the latter even more compromising. And so, as a man with hardly a 6-inch by 3-inch postbox to my name do I order things to the Amazon Locker when presented with the opportunity.

Amazon Locker on Wade Avenue

This locker is close-by (up on Wade Avenue outside the Whole Foods) and only five minutes away by car; that's a mild price to pay for the convenience of ordering something and having it delivered to myself and not to a shared address.

In a city such as Raleigh, budding with more and more young people every year, services which cater to our stratum are becoming more and more obvious: electric scooters, bike-sharing and now these lockers on top of it all.

Each Amazon Locker unit is composed of several smaller units into which your packages are actually depositied. Each door of these smaller units features one face which directly opposes you when you walk up to the locker unit; the locker doors have no features; instead you need to interface with them via a terminal in the middle of the locker unit, inputting the code which was sent along with your confirmation of shipping. Once you've input the code the locker door will fly open, allowing you to finally retrieve your package.

Services like these (i.e. those servicing young people like me) make themselves apparent in budding and developing cities; I hope these kinds of services continue to pop-up around the City of Oaks; though I do not plan to stay here for very long it brings a smile to my face to see these little things come alive and become a part of the fabric of daily existence.

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