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Early friday morning, June 5

I've just watched the first hour of Lolita and I thoroughly enjoyed it; of course I am watching Kubrick's version. A very interesting movie.

Tomorrow I shall begin A history of Asia, a text which promises to herald understanding of the Asian continent and its people, culture, and rich history. Though I aim to not major in this (history), the lessons it teaches are valuable, and the study of this mysterious culture excites me: verily, this is why I have begun these extracurricular studies.

日 sun, pronounced "nichi" sometimes day or abbreviation of Japan An example 日常 — every day, pron. Nichijou 日本 — Japan, pron. nippon, origin (root) of the sun

And though the study of hiragana and katakana is hard, scholarly work, such breaks to dabble in the pleasures of kanji are fun. Did you know 本 is derived from 木? A beautiful language indeed

Wednesday morning I visited the bookstore and brought home several books and records, which I enumerate for pleasure here:

Halka came in large boxset with flyers given out of the night of a performance of the Polish Radio Symphony in 1974, November

Only the giant War and Peace, of which I have finished half, stands in my way of reading these trasures!

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