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I enjoy weeknds like this a lot. On Thursday I went with a friend to a little kaiten sushi place; she promised to take me since I am so uninitiated to the diverse world of sushi. After we finished, someone made my hotline bling with:

"Wanna go to a sushi restaurant in Ikebukuro tomorrow?"

Ffs, I'm already at a sushi restaurant in Ikebukuro. But I figured that going to a different restaurant in Ikebukuro should really widen my perception of this new world, so I accepted the invitation. We finished up, dropped into Famima for a hot coffee, then took the Marunochi line back, evoking cute little goodbye-s at Ginza.

The next day I stroll out of my last class at 12:45.

"Wanna meet up before we go to the arcade?"

"Eating udon, are you getting anything before we go? :3"

"Nah... anyway see you in Shinjuku."

So I take my time eating this lackluster udon from the school canteen and take the rapid to Shinjuku where we play at the game center before meeting with another friend and dropping in to Ikebukuro.

We get off the train and walk toward the restaurant. Low and behold we're going the same fucking way I went yesterday.

"What's the name of this sushi-ya?"


Ah. We've done it now. How many sushi restaurants are in Ikebukuro? I've only been to the same one twice; someone teach me.

Anyway, that was Friday... we went to Akihabara after that and had some fun wandering in-and-out of stores, playing Beatmania, SDVX, UFO catchers, eating fast-food, very youthful things.

We talked about a lot of different things, things that need more than a day to really consider and sort out. People seem to reach conclusions fast, like they have it figured out, but there's more subtlety in some of the things we'd talked about than you could explore in a day. He seemed to have an acute sense of money; money was always a concern, but I got the sense he wasn't broke. What a dirty thing to always talk about. There's not a single person who doesn't realize cash rules everything around them and still... still it's all about the C.R.E.A.M.

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