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Persistent URLs

Can you tell me what URL means?

I'll give you a hint: it stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Knowing the URL of a resource, you can query the internet for it. Generally, this exchange directly involves two parties: you and the computer with the file. First you ask, then you receive. Simple, right?

Here is the catch (a critical bug which I posit has no patch): what if the server is off? Knowing the URL doesn't do you a damn bit of good if the server is off.

Well, why would the server be off? Here two possibilites:

The first is unfortunate. The second is a critical bug which any respecting Sysop would patch. Here's the idea:

When someone likes something on your website, they share it with friends and post it on the Internet. When your server goes off, that link no longer provides any use; context is destroyed, in short, the Internet vocabulary is one word shorter.

But why should it matter? Are you some white-knight of Internet entropy? No! But you have some self-respect, right? Why did you make your site to start with? Was it:

If you answered last, there's no reason to turn your server back on: in my eyes, the Internet is for natural, not legal persons. When your legal person has run out of money and dissolved, commited legal person suicide by method of bankruptcy, that's final. Unfortunate, but still nonetheless final.

If you answered either of the other two: I'm not sure what you're hoping to do by turning your server off. I've thought for a long time about turning mine off; why would I, now, encourage you (me) to not? The answer is this:

We virtual architects can be the victim of a temperamental spirit. Our work, virtual-reality, 20XX is created on-line. When you write here, you are no longer, but your virtual-reality endymion is created and breathed life; only here! It is cursed to never earth-walk but to be on-line. So let the VIRTUAL SELF stay on-line and waste the time away: there are two days in every one for you pair.

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