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Monday Morning, May 18, 2015

I've found a roller pen which works, trulythe rollerball pen is superior to all other pens. I completed a project for Calculus BC on Friedrich Gauss, whose curiosity led him to forumate many prooft theretofore undiscovered. He did not, however, publish any of this; he maintained his findingin his diaty and never told anytone of such breakthroughs. I hope the project is well-received by everyone, notwithstanding the instructor Mrs. █████, since I have invested so much time into this and hold Gauss in high regard. Although I do not wish to pursue a career as a mathematician, I want to study mathematics as a hobby; it is very exciting to discover something new. I wish to pursue a career in computer engineering, designing processors or ICs or some low-level hardware.

Although I have no hope for the future of computing to remain simple, as it is burdened by "standards" and "innovations" I still wish to design this hardware because it is to me the oasis of computing, largely untouched by the caitiff hands of engineers employed to produce for surface convenience. That is the hinderence of progress: convenience. At least, progress in a positive manner. Man invents a calculator; I never doubt its usefulness but he uses it too much and is consequently abstracted far from the bosom of arithmetic; he does not hear or see. He has lost sight of the value of his journey; it is discounted, cheapened.

My studies in Japanese go well; I am able to recognize all of the vowels and can write the well. Of course, learning is not without trial; I have many syllabograms to conquer still. I hope these things never sour.

Gauss, an ardent perfectionist, delighted himself by the beautiful simplicity and neatness of his proofs, even erasing his work from which he arrived at the conclusion in his diary. I agree whole-heartedly with his practice. The journey is profoundly personal and cannot be taught.

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