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march 29

I've done a lot of work on the website in the past day and I have a lot to do still. Most of it is internal work for those who have an onsen account. Made a few more CSS options and worked with the PHP session to include a css that follows you around.

Had one of the those remarkable experiences of my life. I was sitting on the bus on my way back from class in the afternoon and the eastern distant sky was that shade of obvious, ominous gray, but everywhere else above me was cerulean. I listened to music and cried while it rained outside and I was inside, I was really happy, not for one good reason but a lot of really uninspectable reasons.

Ran through a cold curtain of rain into the shelter of the bus stop to stop and talk with someone who had forgotten his umbrella.

Downloaded a lot of Wagner today, it's a lot more homely in the room with him on but nobody really appreciates Wagner because classical makes them uncomfortable or strikes them wrong or maybe they're really uncomfortable with that flavor of world-exploring maybe I shouldn't play Wagner because nobody likes it or maybe I should play him because everyone likes it?

Reminisced about high school again today but I was swept under like being hit by a great wave and dragged asunder in emotion by tall, powerful titan-like summer-waiting: Oh, once I'm out of here and leave my exam papers in distant memory I will be in a brand new world. I landed a summer internship with a small company in Asheboro and I'll be home with all those vinyl records and their dusty, gritty sleeves.

Sometimes I feel like one of those box-sets of records, like that set of Halka that's waiting for me in my room. Old, used, damned to always say the same things. What do I do when I feel that way? It's most obvious to me when I feel like an old record that I'm not bound to such a fate as those records, have pity on them! Oh, I could start a charity for their sad kind, those records! What more do they have to contribute to than when they were pressed? What have they gained through their experience, their carrying-around, their world-living? Nothing, absolutely nothing! Kick those records aside, think nothing more of them if you've heard them before! [u]Kick them aside, think nothing more of their faux-depth![/u]

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