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sunday, january 30, afternoon

I had a great deal of fun at the boxcar arcade yesterday, and I feel that we all had a great time. Although there were a lot of people in the arcade, we managed to play until we were content. After a fun set on the Dance Dance Revolution machine, we collected at the Initial D Stage 3 machine, spending most of our time there. It's an exciting and enlivening racing game, complete with a shifter, steering wheel, gas pedal, brake pedal, and seat. Although the cabinet is from 2004, the game felt so real that when I would block either ████ or ████ from their advances on my position, I'd feel such an overwhelming excitement; similarly when either would pass me, I'd spur my car to go faster.

We even figured out how to turn the computer adjustment off, so that it was a pure contest of will and high-octane drifting. We'd swap out drivers often, since our group of three could not always sit in the 2-player game. I even had fun watching ████ and ████ play; the game is captivating. Sometimes I would, in these little breaks, walk over to the DDR cabinet, whose step pads were in such a state of neglect that if I wanted my motion to register I would need to stomp very hard. I stuck around until I finally passed a round with a grade of C on "Can't stop falling in love," then we played Initial D the rest of the afternoon.

It felt good to pass the song.

I feel like it's in order for me to tell you the sort of music I've been listening to latey. In addiion to the classic Japanese music, I've tossed in some really cute tunes like tomggg, Moe Shop, and 9Nine. Future bass is a very fun and upbeat genre. Anyway I'll be working now.

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