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January 2017

I'm having the best time in the week before classes start: I got here on Tuesday and classes start next Monday. It's really nice to be absolved of responsibility once in a while. I've bought an old 5" CRT weather television and hooked it up to my desktop running Arch Linux at 640x480 black and white; the tv isn't in color and the antenna won't pick up the digital broadcasts nowadays, only analog.

Discovered that ████ online and in the same small community has the same taste:. . .

. . . and none of this would have been possible if we existed in some wordly age place other than the Information Age. How much of my experience an would an interloper to our age understand? How much of my childhood, adolescence, youth could he taste? And how much could even a modern man hear of my experience? He has not ears for mine, though I've begun to listen to his. . . how sweet and full do some men's experiences echo: full, life-affirming philosophies have the matured into. It's refreshing to happen upon ████ and hide ourselves away from the drowning silence, oh it talks and talks this way and that but always nulling itself and repeating repeating the same things and in such shallow waves, an ocean of breath washing itself away into a flat puddle. oh friends, let us splash and kick to our youth's content!

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