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November 5

Weekends by myself are the best; no obligation or responsibility to meet w/ anyone or anything like that. I've gotten better at getting up earlier on the weekned, so I've found more time in the morning to do what I like.

Some years ago , a few months before I began keeping a diary, I had the habit of going to bed at ~10PM, then waking up at ~5:30 and showering, watching anime, then heading off to shcool. I'm a tad regretful that I'd lost my way sometime between then and about 6 months ago, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to continue that habit while I'm so young.

Played some at the arcade today, the perfect cherry on top of my Sunday. DDR is lots of fun, and it's a very exciting way to make new friends. I play on DDR Extreme downtown at a barcade, but I never drink there even when I am of-age now. The alcohol really makes things seem so much more simple. I hate that feeling.

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