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Strong People

I have such immense respect for the strong-willed of us: those individuals who are truly individual... those who know the promises they've made, those who have goals to meet, people to provide for. Being so strong is admirable.

But even so, it's important to realize that these emotionally strong people are weak too sometimes... weak isn't the right word for it... maybe "human". Because it's human frailty, moments of weakness that really give us that choice to turn around, stand up, be strong.

There's very little I can tell you about the becoming... I'm not sure that many people could. I can tell you a lot of... I could write pages about the humanity, the weeping soft emotion-rain of strong people, us who live moments and ages.

All I can afford you is this: do not shy away from emotion pain pleasure sadness embarasement hope love guilt none of it do not ever feel as though those strong people are untouchably far distant

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