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October 20

It's a friday; the sun is out and it seems like nothing in the world could go wrong. I've passed the university nomination to study abroad in Tokyo this coming spring, I only need to finish the host university course registration for it to be final. What a relief to steady myself on something solid in such turbulent waters.

If things continue as they are, this will be the longest year of my life, full of brand new things and completely new experiences. I am very excited to go aborad to Sophia University.

I'm glad that I've settled into a routine. Is this the pacification I scorned for so long? No, this is no pacification, I am hardly lulled and unawares.

Some days I wish it were as simple as my high-school everyday. Those days have spread themselves thin, and I think they may come up even less.

I've always had this feeling, always somewhere, but now it's somehow [u]different[/u]

I've met the people also studying in Tokyo from my university in the spring. What nice, approachable people! I've talked to all five others except one, who skirted off.

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