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Nobody Can Think for You

Some days one simply needs time to think: out of the way of the normal hustle-bustle of day-to-day living, there are some times where one genuinely needs time alone.

I am sure that such feelings strike all men / women from time to time; when one feels so moved then one must absolutely obey that desire, for neglecting it once leads to neglecting it again, leading in-turn to an eternity of neglecting oneself for the sake of oneself's time or oneself's appearance.

And in those moments of alone-ness it's important to ignore everything else and only listen to yourself; you, the individual; the you who is running the show should need not listen to anyone else regarding the matters which concern only yourself.

It's simple to allow people and machines to make decisions for us: every day the algorithms and code which have become the basis for on-line marketing and advertisements drive people to buy more and more things which they scarcely need: they create artificial need: "want", on an automated basis at a scale so large it makes me shrink in fear at the scope of it all.

But you need not concern yourself with the disease of the machinery: only once you realize how venemous its fangs are then does the machinery sink into the vanishing point and one is able to focus on things which matter more: oneself: the mental and physical, emotional and carnal, two halves the whole which is so wholly neglected by many men and many women. With this feeling in mind one may ignore the machinery and ignore the connotation and focus only on the thing which is oneself.

And when one only has thoughts for oneself then one may begin, gradually, bit-by-bit to appreciate oneself: to practice self-love (despite how I hate this phrase and its recent trend it fits the idea well) and to develop pride in one's own work as an extension of oneself and one's now-well-considered philosophy.

Capitulate to your desire: that is something which despite his insistence the man rolling around on the floor does not understand: simply because nobody thinks for you nobody is thinking of you until you think for yourself.

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