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Monday, January 28 It feels like I've said this, but finals week is a strange and wonderful time. All though it, I watched Yuki Yuna with my suitemate and showed him the virtue of watching a show at a moderate pace, not as he normally bing watches it. It is a beautiful show which holds diligence and friendship at its core, illustrated by the Hero Club's Five Tenets:

I have taken this last tenet to heart and spread it wide about my day-to-day life. In the morning I memorize five japanese words from my list of words, then head to classes for the day. I'm taking more classes than last semester, so I'm out of my room a lot more, sometimes milling about the library on centennial campus between classes there. When I finish, I return and commit the other half of the ten words to memory, then read and practice kanji. This mode is especially fulfilling for me, since it allows time for me to hang around my friends. Often we'll play Rocket League way past a good bed-timeand sometimes I'll miss my early class but I really like to be around my suitemates.

This weekend, I'll be going with some good friends to downtown Raleigh to play Dance Dance Revolution for an afternoon.

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