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april 14

I've been unable to sleep much for the past few days because I've been so excited. Those 50 posters I put up 10 days ago turned into 10 regular users at any given time who post and tell their roomates, friends, anyone who is in with them they're in with us. I've spent such an amount of time world-creating and I'm so exhausted but I'm stopping with wet eyes, smiling, and my work slain, collapsed in the lovely heap of a destroyed man on the floor.

Never Catch Me - Flying Lotus & Kendrick Lamar The most interesting place on the board is >>>/yu/.

I made /yu/ as a place to post questionable things that are very off-topic from the aligning motives behind the two other front-facing boards. /ncsu/'s objective is simple -- discussion about school. Discussions about healthy work-ethic, the quantification of success, even advice about meeting girls comes through here. /swt/ is a different board where posting anime is allowed, so its feeling generally reduces to that of a typical imageboard.

/yu/ is a hidden board, so its existence is not publicized at the top with the other boards. Knowledge of its existence assumes that someone tells you or you stumble upon a link to the board. It's funny then that the most human, touching conversation goes on here! Perhaps it's that we leave our coats and pride at the door on the rack, or maybe it is something different entirely. In any case, I love /yu/.

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