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September 26

The best life would allow me to spin all of my ideas into beautiful tapestries. I would never need to scrifice some time from this to kneal it to that, I would never need to compromise on such pleasant dreams to do what is only the farthest thing from what I want to do.

I love EE and everything about this program, but I cannot wait to exit the university. The exams are stressful, the company is loud and even worse, too muddled in their own memetics to glance beyond it.

The A/C broke yesterday so I spent the night with the window open. It's very hot and there is seldom a breeze.

I suppose, on second thought, that lacking the time only drives me more; after all, what could I do more if I'd have done all that demands my attention. I suppose, then, that I will keep this schooling up for some time longer.

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