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april 4

Just finished watching the first half of Seven Samurai. It was a little past 3AM when we stopped.

It's a very long film and is the most deserving film of an intermission. Actually we are watching the film in part owing to a recommendation by my statistics professor and I've been pushing us all to watch the film for a week now. Unfortunately the room I wanted to watch it in was not free so we all huddled in this cosy room with windows open and the door locked.

Last Thursday night, I put up posters around campus. It was really a thing of youth to walk through campus at night and put up posters. Our image board has really taken off since then we put the advertisements up.

Every service that runs on this server is really a labor of love. I lovingly set up a git server to host my patches of the image board software. Reading that NodeJS is a nightmare but I really do it because I love it deep down, even if I may be hesitant to admit that I love to interact with and create something for other people to use. I love my users, I really do! Someday we'll grow so big and I'll smile and scold myself for being so committed to something so other-worldly and breathless as a community on the internet.

breathless and cathartic, my love and seeing-light!

How many times will I look back

from my golden future?

Glances cast backward

seeing what?

Perhaps I will see my spring wind

gusting fiercly from the hills, down

through the campus-main. Refreshing to

some and sometimes upsetting, unwelcomed,

received nonetheless.

Then, in that golden halation, have I been


Has my ripe youth-fruit been tasted?

It is bitter, sleepless.

If it were a sound, it would be hollow,

sounding and then quickly choked, distracted,


But, listen closer, friend

It grows louder, starting slowly and then coming

to a head all at once. Reverberating strongly against

hard walls and escaping outside into the golden sun, my


What's caused it?

Who cares: Here it is!

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