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Monday August 24, afternoon

There are so many axioms of math which I took for granted. With scalars, 4^-1 = 1/4 but with matrices it is not right to say A^-1 = 1/A! Rather we follow the axiom which states A(A^-1) = 1. A^-1 is the inverse of A.

Tomorrow I have a prerequisite quiz in calculus III but I feel very confident about it; after all, my calculus professor for this calc 3 course is the same professor who taught my summer calc 2 course.

. . . this weekend I see Ultra Psychic Mega Monolith again; they're playing closer to university this time. Hopscotch music festival is a serious thought, seeing that Godspeed You! Black Emperor is playing, as is Tycho, and I want to go to a concert; it has been a while. I have many classical concerts lined up, but nothing like Hopscotch.

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