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Another beautiful day.

Beautiful Day

Went to Akiba again - I get plenty of practice listening to and speaking formal Japanese in the metro, shops, and convenience stores, but Akiba is the only place (now, as a not-yet-official student of the unviersity) that I am able to practice the more casual way of speaking.

After exploring the SEGA building, I dropped into Lashinbang and bought something:

The long-awaited Asahi x Shimakaze

The procedure for buying doujinshi is pretty regular.

Are you an adult?

Hell yeah!

That's it. Same for alcohol. You don't even need to be able to read because it's pretty clear which option will give you what you want. They'll either present a little sign that says "20+? (Y/n)" or there'll be a little screen that you interface with. Very straightforward.

While I was thumbing through the books I even exchanged a little with the Japanese guy next to me about how many Kantai Collection books there were. Seriously, there was a full shelf, probably 500+ little 20-page books. Although you need to be a little careful because the Shimakaze row is half full of boys dressing as Shimakaze. Though you can't open before you buy, the books you're looking for are typically obvious.

Now I am listening to Now, Now's indy-pop album "Threads". A nice way to relax after a long day.

The day might have not been so long if I had not gotten lost around Daiichi Torii and near Yasukuni Shrine.

Daiichi Torii

Near Yasukuni Shrine

I saw myself walk by a few times today... gentle pace, lost.

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