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tuesday wednesday morning, may 27

The last week has been hectic but now I am ready to not think on the matter and look forward to my future endeavors. In class we are idle, lending me to read most of the time, though I do not forfeit fraternity for the conquest of literature. On monday evening I celebrated Memorial day, I celebrated the detente of obligation an myself by going to a concert with [some really good friends]. The two leading/opening acts were not especially good but MELT BANANA, who we had all come to see, was amazing. The vocalist for the two-piece Japanese noise-rock band was cute and spoke in between sng groupings, coloring her speech with little phrases like "meow meow cradle," a cute misnomer of the venue. This concert-going will be the third concert I have arranged to see (the others being Snowmine and Flying Lotus last October), and will hopefully be one of many in a tradition of music and interaction.

I have a fair grasp of the kana which I have learned but truly I must accelerate my studies if I may finish both hiragana and katakana by Summer's end.

I retire today, at this glorious 5 o'clock (as I've slept from six to three, owing to my exhaustion from the concert and its night before) with the assurance I will do nothing in my classes except read, listen to music, and trace these ideas in my head.

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