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April 19

It seems that the school year always follows a Jo-ha-kyu tempo. Now it's the week before final exams which means all of us are stepping up to face the challenge. I have lazed about with regard to school a lot this semester because I've unconsciously set mysqlf agains school, which, as the preliminary grades come in, to be more and more consequential. If my gpa slacks below a 3.0, I will not be able to keep the motor position I recently accepted. This is very important to me because I'll be rooming with ████ and earning money for living where I am now, pretty well doing the same thing. If I am able to pull somewhere above a 95 on all of my exams I'll be golden: my GPA will stay above a 3.0: anywhere below a 95 and I lose the assurance of having the job. Of course if it comes to it I will as Mr. ██████ to wait until Summer grades are posted.

But I'd rather avoid that situation altogether, so I've seta challenging but achievable goal for myself. I'm still on track to major in computer engineering, while still taking the math classes I have wanted to take.

Next summer I plan to study abroad in Japan, if the program I am eyeing keeps their summer exchange open. Otherwise I will study there the spring of my junior year.

P.S. Today I realized that my room is very quiet when I stop my music.

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