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April 26

We've had a good time tonight, as we do nearly every saturday. It's four in the morning and now I look back at what's got me up this late. ████, ████, and myself started the evening off with a neutral episode of まよいが, a show about a bus ride.Then for the most part we talked and enjoyed the friday night. I had some kind of cake ████ didn't want. They were very little delicate cookies with a tart flavor of ornage slammed between the two halves of the cookie. Very good for boxed cakes. I forgot to mention that we walked the mile to cookout before this, around 5 in the afternoon, before this but by the time our fanfare started the sun had already set.

Anyway we watched the obligatory shorts for this season, all of which are very good. After a long time it seems of talking and having fun, ████ broke the sometimes slack of our banter with, "I can't take it anymore" and it seemed very dangerous with his idea: within half an hour of yelling we were watching 俺の妹ごこんなにかわいいわけがない which everyone there thoroughly hated, though I like it if only for the complete catharsis that it induces. I don't think ████ hates it all that much though; why would he watch it then? We watched about six episodes of it before we watched some 坂本ですが? and then left at about 3:40.

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