Greetings from scenic,

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I spilled water on myself today while I was rinsing the rice for supper; somehow it splashed out of the rice pot when I went drag the rice from one side of the pot to the other.

Normally I wouldn't think twice of any such small incident; I'd continue washing the rice as I usually do. But somehow, splashing water on myself accidentally felt playful and lightly suggestive.

It happened again; I laughed a lot.

I felt very childish for letting something so incidental precipitate such a well of feeling inside me. I think it was this:

It was something that didn't obey the rules. It was something I didn't expect, something spontaneous, something like the sudden appearance of matter resulting from the quantum-mechanics of space.

We crave corruption sometimes, the interruption of everyday life by something extraordinary becomes an object of lust once we've settled in to our social roles. Nothing too disruptive, though!

Water splashed on the fabric over my midriff; washing the rice I'm going to eat.

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