Greetings from scenic,

Category: Diary
Tags: Love Time


Love's love of love.

It's difficult to ask the questions which need an answer: we're unsure how to ask: we're worried, either aware or not, if asking such a thing is outside our character. What does that mean? To be onself as a parody of an archetype: that's what I do not and never wish to know. And even further to be concerned about violating this archetype and to act as what may seem irrationally, that I am never worried about.

Because one does not say all to everyone in all time, summarizing one's entire being, thoughts, feelings into a few sentences does well-deserved feeling / emotion seem absolutely erratic. For myself: I do not want everyone to know everything at all time, and I do not care to summarize my being for the paper trees and houses. But what joy one could find if I should care someday: love's love of love.

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