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Everything in Its Right Place

Since moving apartments in late December I've been affected by a familiar sense of purpose and happiness; it's as if I'm (again) where I belong and where I feel at home. Maybe that's what I really missed last year, a grounding anchor and a place to come home to and express myself, my thoughts and my feelings through the work and leisure I do there. I've only come to realize that this is what I've needed for over a year once I moved here only a few months ago.

It's not that the place is exceptional: there was a developing water mark on the ceiling (which is still there despite my insistence to the resident-outreach staff) which appeared on the rainy night I moved here; that night I moved almost our entire apartment, computer peripherals and hardware overflowing from my arms and escaping my grip; my boyfriend was close behind, carrying boxes upon boxes of books and cooking gadgets. Luckily we got everything moved without much hassle (but not without tons and tons of work).

But it's really the notion that this home is a place we can make our own; we will be here for at least 1.5 years; I have no idea even where I'll be in May, let alone one-and-a-half years! Sometimes I find myself daydreaming in class and assembling the pieces of our future lives, one by one, gradually but fully.

It reminds me sometimes of my last year of high-school, where the whole world was spread before me: and still it is! Only now it is a different world (where before it had been the world of college-life), now it is essentially endless possibility, endless love and endless challenge. Some people do not seem to realize what a precipice this is, some people never get the chance to appreciate this vantage. I'm so, so thankful for the people in my life who have pushed me to do my best and who have encouraged me to listen to my heart. I cannot say thank you enough.

I have contemplated unioning my personal site (this site) with my actual identity; the idea grows on me every day, and I think someday I should actually do it; I write so much cleaner and with so much more consideration when I'm writing under my name, whether it be code or prose or whatever. Maybe someday! There is a lot of excitement in my life at the moment.

就活しています。一生懸命探していますんが、今週の金曜にインタビューがあります。 日立製作所と電力系統を研究している某社の共同企業の仕事です。 すごくドキドキしても必ず頑張ります、僕は。 連絡者が日本人じゃないらしいで日本語力が下手の僕は大丈夫だろうと思います。

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