Greetings from scenic,

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The past 4 days were so magical; nothing surpasses the spontaneity that grows from going out with a good friend; light-hearted, pale-blue youth.

Yokohama's charming little Chinatown is such so much fun to explore. There is a beautiful tea-shop off the road that defines the area; it's two floors. The first floor sells their fine teas and ceramic wares. The second floor is a cozy little hide-away. Only six well-spaced tables flanked by a bar overflowing with brewing instruments defined the interior of the second floor.

I was served a flowery jasmine tea. It is only brewed for a few seconds; any more and it will be too strong. What a fickle beauty, jasmine! This was complemented by a collection of fruits: raisins, dried oranges, dried mangoes. Each sip of jasmine tea: a tiny heaven announced by these tastes. I am so thankful to have experienced such subtlety.

Do you remember the rising sun? That beauty; an egg broken onto the sky. What can we make of the day? Only our youth would decide as the yolk slips over light blue. Where would it be to today? Heretofore undecided: potential. However it was spent it was never wasted: youth.

I want you to make the most of it. So soon does it evaporate! But then, youth: how present you are! Twenty-one years of boyish-ness could fill thousands of years otherwise: But who would know?

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